Republican women say vote no on Issue 2

I recently (Saturday 10/21) attended the Ohio Federation of Republic Women’s (OFRW) fall conference. At the conference, the OFRW adopted a Resolution against the State of Ohio Ballot Issue 2. Here is why: OFRW researched all information regarding Issue 2, Ohio Drug Price Relief Act. OFRW is convinced Issue 2 would mandate laws which would be functionally impossible for Ohioans to comply. Ohio is guided by State and Federal regulations that already negotiate discounts, deals and rebates.

Issue 2 would do nothing to lower drug costs for millions of Ohioans who are privately insured, have employer coverage, are on Medicare or otherwise do not obtain their medicines through State programs.

Issue 2 proponents have not been able to support their claims regarding the ability to reduce drug prices for millions of Ohioans. In fact, it could invalidate many drug discount agreements Ohio already has in place with pharmaceutical companies for Medicaid and other State programs, thereby increasing State prescriptions costs.

Issue 2 puts current VA discounts at risk, causing military veterans receiving prescriptions through the VA to face the prospect of potential cost increases.

Issue 2 would give the four named co-sponsors an unprecedented right to intervene, at Ohio tax payers expense, in any post-election legal challenges filed against the initiative or its implementation.

The OFRW does not support Issue 2 and I urge you to cast a “no” vote on Issue 2 in the 2017 Ohio General Election on November 7, 2017. This position aligns with the ORP.

Audra Bean

OFRW Member

Champaign County Republican Chairman