Debate, debate, debate

With all the problems and tragedies in the world today, why did Urbana University choose a speaker to discuss sexual issues and his problems and success at pushing gay marriages?

Aren’t there more important issues to discuss today such as alcohol addiction, mental health issues, possible issues of a world war, prison releases, violence and possible influence from TV, games, etc.?

I thought colleges were for higher learning. How to think and discuss, to expand minds. How can there be two truths? How can you separate the facts from lies and truths from an objective opinion? How can two different sides think they are right? Is there an answer to this? Debate this.

What happened to debates? Hearing both sides of an issue helps a person make an intelligent decision, otherwise it is brainwashing. You are in college to help improve the world. Please pick issues of greater importance than sex and the “sexual agenda” that any kind is OK.

Judy Beard