Be careful who you vote for

For seven years we have had Republicans tell us that, if they are elected, they will repeal and replace Obamacare. Well, they say now it may be even longer, perhaps as many as two more years. Then they may just repeal and not replace. So, what have these people been doing for the last seven and a half years? For the most part, obstructing anything President Obama may have been trying to do. And even now, they are dismantling every last one of his endeavors. They cannot allow him to have one accomplishment in the eight years he served as president. God forbid that he might be considered a success. It makes me sick to see how viciously our current president attacks him, even accusing him of wire-tapping his phones. That was a pretty serious charge to be dropped without any explanation. Sort of like the birther actuation, which, after several years, he quietly said there was nothing to it. The doubt had already been cast for those who were stupid enough to believe it.

In the future, be careful who you vote for. Don’t be misled by a bunch of hollow promises.

Dorothy Yoder