Local governments should consider Navistar vehicles

It’s great to see all the good things going on at Navistar these days. From the start of production of the Chevrolet and GMC G van chassis on line 2 earlier this year to the brand new Navistar/General Motors joint venture class 4-5 trucks scheduled to start production next year. With the added jobs at Navistar and the added trickle-down effect jobs at places like the new parts warehouse being built in Urbana, this is good news for our area.

It would be nice to see our local governments such as City of Urbana, Urbana Township, Champaign County support Navistar by buying their products. I’m quite sure no one in this area earns the money they pay their taxes with by building Freightliner or Western Star trucks.

I respectfully encourage our government leaders to consider Internationals for their next purchase.

Greg Wilson