There is still kindness in the world

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me this morning. I went through the McDonald’s drive thru and when I got to the window to pay I was informed the gentlemen in front of me had already paid for my meal so I paid for the one behind me. I can’t begin to explain how much this meant to me as this is my first actual year without my sister Toni. This is something she would have done and something I use to do all year round. I want to thank this person for bringing back the true meaning of Christmas for me and my belief in the good that still exists in this world. It’s not often we get the chance or take the time to let someone know that their actions did something so simple yet so profound how it impacted us. So to this person and you know who you are thank you for your kindness and know that it was greatly appreciated by me. I only hope that others helped to keep your kindness going. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Joyce Ackley