Thanks to all Chili Cook-off helpers

I would like express gratitude and thankfulness for all who helped with our 9th Annual Chili Cook-off and Hoopla Parade. We start to work on the 10th annual event starting in March. Please allow me to thank the committee that pour so much into our community event – an event that supports our Monument Square District with all proceeds given back to the beautification of our downtown and businesses: Mrs. Audra Bean (sponsor, creator), Mayor Bill Bean (co-chair, creator), Sandy Gonzalez (advertising), Vince Gonzalez (trophies, website, organizer), Sandy Loffing (beer and wine garden), Amy Knotts (welcome tent, cornhole), Dwight Paul (parade), Linda Monroe (chili judges, judging), Alyssa Dunham (contests), Mary Collier (vendors, organizer), Amy Armstrong (organizer, welcome tent), Taylor Armstrong (announcer), Jeff Heiberger (sound, music), Jeremiah Stocksdale (Monument Square District, organizer), Sarah Smith (children’s area) and Shannon Spence (photographer).

There are many more to thank, all of our local sponsors and businesses, the dunk tank volunteers, Urbana University men’s and women’s basketball teams, Urbana High School football and junior high teams. These fine young men and women helped greatly to make for a smooth-running event.

Thank you to the vendors, the contestants, the band and the community. Thank you to dunk booth hecklers Nick Mescher and Mark Perry … thanks to you two, our Sheriff Matt Melvin took 52 dips! Thank you to our salsa judges and best-booth judges.

Mr. Tom Stephens, thank you for your wonderful article on our event, well said. As you see, it takes a community to make a great community.

Here’s to the 10th annual …

Beth Adair

Event co-chair