Many questions surround new school

As a taxpayer to the city of Urbana and state of Ohio, I have great concern about the superintendent and school board with regard to their actions and spending for the new primary school building.

My understanding is that the land purchased near the Champaign Family YMCA on Community Drive (more than ten years ago) for a new primary school has been monitored as far back as the 80’s for methane gas emissions. Additionally, according to media reports, city planners said they had warned the school district about roadblocks at that site since planning began. How can the community believe or trust the school board when it appears the appropriate questions were not asked prior to the purchase of the land near Community Drive? Urbana has been waiting over 10 years since this land was purchased, only to be told that more could be purchased for a new primary school – land that will make Urbana “City” Schools Urbana “Country” Schools.

Have all resources been exhausted with regard to the Community Drive land? Has consideration been given to making the current sports complex the primary school and moving the sports complex to the Community Drive land? Has an access road to Community Drive off of Children’s Home Road, through the R.C. Park, been examined? What will the school board do with the Community Drive land? We deserve answers to these and many more questions.

Based on the information received to this point, it appears the purchase of the Community Drive land was a gross misuse of taxpayer money in a day and age where education suffers because of lack of funding. Asking for further funds from a community that is already questioning the school board’s actions may be difficult.

Elbert Lambdin