We have been snookered on school

Transparency in regards to the Urbana School situation means answering the following questions:

1.What ever made you buy the first site close to a landfill that makes methane gas?

2. Why do you need a large parcel of farmland outside of town that has no water or sewer available for just one building?

3 . Why won’t you go see the rehabbed and expanded schools in Bluffton, Ohio that were done at a cost lower than a new buildings?

4. How much will it cost to operate these new buildings? If you can’t operate the ones you have how can you operate larger ones that will have air conditioning?

5. And last but not least is: Where are all those businesses and jobs that will come here when a new school levy is (was) approved?

Sometimes you need to build what you need and not what you want.

You can want to be like Dublin but you will never be Dublin

So as my dad used to say,

“Son we have been snookered”

Wes Beery