Grave decor thieves profit from stolen flowers

What kind of person stoops so low as to steal potted flowers from fresh graves?

It has been seven weeks since we put a profoundly and deeply loved husband, father, grandfather, brother, brother-in-law and uncle to rest. Because there is no headstone yet, we wanted something to mark his grave. So, right before Memorial Day weekend, several potted flowers were placed by family members who severely grieve his passing. The pots were there on Saturday, but stolen by Sunday. This outrage just compounds our anguish.

We are discovering this is becoming more commonplace. Law enforcement has told us that individuals who blatantly steal potted plants, flowers, wreaths and memory plaques from graves do this despicable thing to make money. These people sell them at flea markets and garage sales. The thieves love holidays – there are more memorabilia to steal and sell.

Not only has this affected our family, but I think it will begin to affect the local businesses who sell these items. Why buy something knowing it will just be stolen?

May God have mercy on their souls.

Mitzi Knull