Back to school! Part IV

By Jan Ebert

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of columns.

The weather is showing the first signs of autumn, and many thoughts are joined in anticipation of the first high school and college football games.

Among those waiting patiently for the opening games tonight are the local band directors and band members – not to mention the parents, family members and band fans everywhere.

Here’s the local run-down:

Brad Oyer, Band Director at Mechanicsburg High School, reports that his band held Band Camp July 12 and 13.

They participated in a parade immediately after, and joined with the other county bands at the Champaign County Fair. The Mechanicsburg Band will kick off the season with a “Grease”-themed show at Kenton Ridge tonight.

John Sharritts, Band Director at Triad High School, had a successful Band Camp at 4-H Camp Clifton July 8-12. Then the band performed at Cedar Point on July 13. Their first game will be against Bradford with a show topic: “Today’s Pop Music.” The featured songs will be: Believer, Feel It Still and Something Just Like This.

David Sapp, Band Director at Urbana High School, states that their Band Camp was held at Camp Wesley July 25- 28. Their first show will be at London. It features the music of Queen, including Don’t Stop Me Now, We Will Rock You (Queen Opener), Bohemian Rhapsody and Fat Bottom Girls.

Jeff Buell, Band Director at Graham High School, said that their Band Camp was held August 12-16 at Camp Cotubic in Bellefontaine. Their first game is in the Graham Stadium v. West Liberty-Salem. Their theme is Resurrection Tour Prelude. Songs included are: Confident, The Middle, Viva La Vida and Kissing Strangers.

We know that West Liberty-Salem had a Band Camp, but have no further information. We expect to see them at Graham tonight!

We wish to acknowledge the hard work put in by these young band members, and thank the Band Directors and the Band Parents for their time spent in preparation for the Band Camps and approaching season.

From all of us waiting to see them perform, a hearty GO BANDS! HAVE A GREAT SEASON!

By Jan Ebert

Jan Ebert is a retired music educator in Champaign County.

Jan Ebert is a retired music educator in Champaign County.