UFD seeks donations for fire safety education

Program geared for children in preschool through 4th grade

By Mark Keller - Urbana Fire Chief

Do you remember when firefighters visited your school and taught fire safety? Or, maybe you remember how excited you were on your first trip to the fire station? The Urbana Fire Division is announcing their annual fire safety education program and needs your help.

For over 20 years, The Urbana Fire Division has been deeply committed to our fire safety program, which specifically targets children. In cooperation with the department, citizens and businesses will help the department provide an assortment of fire safety educational materials to local children. These materials are distributed in our schools, at safety fairs, through public presentations, and to children when they visit the fire stations.

Fire Prevention Manager David Torsell notes this program also provides materials for adults and senior citizens in the community and that materials feature vital information for specific age groups about fire safety for individuals and their families.

All educational materials are designed exclusively by National Fire Safety Council, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization. NFSC, Inc. is the largest distributor of fire and life safety materials for children in the U.S. Funding of these materials (under the charter of this organization) is done through charitable contributions. Local contributions would provide age-specific 24-page manuals for preschool through 4th grade, pamphlets about smoke alarms, fire escape plans, safe meeting places, babysitters safety, firefighter sticker badges, fire-hats and many other items used to teach the fundamentals of fire and life safety and burn prevention. We strongly believe that by making children aware, we can prevent tragic fire loss and death.

In order to cover the cost of these materials, the Urbana Fire Division and National Fire Safety Council, Inc., are turning to leaders of this community for help. Sponsors are needed to help provide this annual program to the children, adults, and seniors in our community.

Supporters of this program will have their contributions acknowledged and specifically named on the prestige page of all fire safety activity manuals under the heading “PROVIDED BY THE PEOPLE WHO CARE.” All tax deductible checks can be made payable to National Fire Safety Council, Inc. Federal tax ID number: 38-2292422 and mailed to:

Urbana Fire Division

c/o Fire Prevention Program

107 East Market Street

Urbana, Ohio 43078

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their generous support of this program. Through our partnership in providing these materials to our school children they will be able to continue to work on their goal of making our community safer for all of our citizens. If you have any questions please feel free to contact David Torsell at 937-652-4374 or Chief Keller at 937-652-4375.

Program geared for children in preschool through 4th grade

By Mark Keller

Urbana Fire Chief

Submitted by the Urbana Fire Division.

Submitted by the Urbana Fire Division.