Randall honored at fair

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Mandy Randall is shown with her award.

Mandy Randall is shown with her award.

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The Competitive Edge 4-H Club advisor Mandy Randall was honored during the fair.

The following statement was read over the loud speaker to announce the winner for 2022:

It is with great pleasure to tell you about the Epitome of what the Hands Heart & Hooves award means.

This recipient has done it all.

To be honest, they’ve never clocked out from being an Advisor since they were in 4H as a kid many years ago.

They’ve advised members in every aspect of 4H within multiple exhibits, horses, chickens, cattle etc.

You can bet she knows your horses name, breed, pedigree even if she doesn’t know you,, YET.

She’s donated millions of hours teaching kids to ride and how to take care of their animal, even miles upon miles hauling someone’s horse or livestock.

Her mega watt smile can light up this arena and her loving heart with vast knowledge can help the most inexperienced rider become better.

Her work attitude is, NEVER QUIT and she expects the same from those she’s taught all of these years, along with, NEVER GIVE UP.

She’s beautiful and quite amazing to those who know her.

She’s given everything she has to make sure others have it better. She’s lived our 4H pledge for decades.

On a personal note, I was asked to write this and something about her. I said on 1 condition, I could read it. I cannot say enough positive things about my best friend. We’ve known each other since birth, never had a fight or hissing argument. SHE is the horsewoman we all dreamed to be like, even growing up, she had a gift with horses and dogs,, plus kids. She’s still mentally age 12 around kids, that’s what keeps her so young and vibrant. She’s lived and breathed horses since she could walk. We older girls were chasing boys as teens and she was perfecting her horse skills.

I’m only going to admit this once. I could ride and hang on as a kid but she truly taught me how to really ride the correct way. She did this for MANY adults but they’d never admit it. She is the ultimate Horse Whisperer.

It’s an honor to announce to you that Mandy Randall is the winner of this year’s 2022, Hands, Heart & Hooves award.

Mandy Randall is shown with her award.
https://www.urbanacitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2022/08/web1_randall.jpgMandy Randall is shown with her award. Submitted photo

Submitted story

Info from Abby Cohn

Info from Abby Cohn