On Sunday, April 24, the Champaign County Shooting Sports 4-H Club met at the fairgrounds in the Merchant’s Building. The members of the club started the meeting by dividing up into their committees: Booth, Health and Safety, Community Service, and Program. The Booth committee is going to use pictures in the booth that show the history of the club.

After time in committees, George Slone led the members in doing leg stretches. Then the members got into their shooting groups and practiced. Archery members learned how to make a target. Rifle members shot from the sitting and standing positions and pistol members learned how to shoot with one hand. Then members finished up the meeting by helping to clean up and enjoying refreshments. The club meets again on May 15 at the outdoor range for the first time this season.

The club would also like to publicly thank the NRA Foundation for a significant grant they were awarded. The grant provided the club with long rifles, air rifles, ammunition, targets, and backstops.

-Eloise Dietrich

Club reporter