The Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met December 9 at 1:30 p.m. for the chapter’s second full remote meeting. Regent Snyder called the meeting to order and proceeded with the DAR opening ritual. The Pledge of Allegiance was read by Pat Detwiler, the American’s Creed was read by Judi Henson and Star Spangled Banner was read by Megan Snyder. Dona Tullis read the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, which is now done at each meeting. Present for the meeting were 14 members, one associate member, and three guests.

The President General’s message and National Defense report were available by email to members for reading prior to meeting. President General Denise Doring Van Buren challenged DAR members, as descendants of the men and women who achieved American independence, to honor our patriotic duty to Rise and Shine for America at a time when she most needs us. The National Defense Report commemorated National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day which is observed annually to remember and honor 2,403 U.S. citizens who were killed in the surprise attack on Naval Station Pearl Harbor at Oahu, Hawaii Territory, by the Japanese Navy Air Service on December 7, 1941.

Regent Snyder showed the beautifully produced 2½-minute video titled “The Waldschmidt Holiday Video.” Next on the program was the announcement of those members who would receive Years of Service Certificates. Certificates for 10 years of service went to Juliana Musselman, Barbara Ward, and Rita Woodard. A certificate for 30 years of service was awarded to Jane Boucher. Regent Snyder was pleased to announce that the chapter American History Teacher of the Year Award will be presented as part of the chapter’s February American History Awards program.

Regent’s Report: Regent Snyder discussed the importance of the process involved as the chapter works together as a leadership team. Various components such as historical documents, minutes, and financial records are vital in recording the Urbana Chapter DAR history. She thanked all members for being a part of this team. Regent Snyder then shared photos from a recent drone aerial video of the Christian Waldschmidt Homestead and Camp Dennison. It was announced that the Ohio State Society DAR now has an online store and members are encouraged to support this worthwhile addition. Regent Snyder closed her report by asking that, in the midst of these trying times, we must reach out to each other in support! In addition, she encouraged all to continue to be in prayer for all medical personnel and first responders.

Vice Regent’s Report: This report was given by Linda Fullerton, who also spoke of the plans being considered for the February meeting, when the chapter will host the American History Awards.

Secretary’s Report: The November minutes were approved as written for filing.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Brooks reported on the chapter’s finances. The report has been filed for audit.

Registrar’s Report: Registrar Dona Tullis reported a membership of 72 and she is waiting for signatures for two prospective members. One application is in process at NSDAR.

Historian’s Report: Janet Ebert discussed an extremely worthwhile project designed to earn the highest rank in Scouts BSA, that of Eagle Scout. This project is in process by local resident, Samantha Meyer, in connection with YMCA. It was moved by Becky Shultz and seconded by Linda Fullerton that Urbana Chapter DAR support the effort. Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report: This report was given by Claudia Foulk. The chapter discussed the status of Little Local Libraries in the Urbana community, and the need for older children’s books in the library. The Little Libraries will be discussed again at a future meeting.

An update of the current Wreaths Across American Project was given by Pat Detwiler. The current number of wreaths credited to our chapter is 589. Half of this total has arrived at Oak Dale Cemetery with the remaining number to come in next days. It is requested that members and volunteers arrive at Oak Dale Cemetery, Soldier’s Mound, on Saturday December 19, 2020 at 11:45 AM. The opening ceremony will occur at that time followed by the impressive placement of wreaths on veteran’s gravesites throughout the cemetery. Social distancing, wearing of masks, and other COVID-19 protocol will be observed.

Judi Henson reported that Urbana Chapter members have recorded 2,540 hours of Service to America since the beginning of the calendar year.

New Business: The first item of new business included the election of delegates to the Ohio State Society DAR Conference to be held March 19-21, 2021. It was moved by Janet Ebert and seconded by Pat Detwiler the following members be approved: Regent Kim Snyder, Pat Detwiler, Linda Fullerton, Judi Henson, Becky Shultz, and Dona Tullis. Alternate will be Megan Snyder. Motion carried.

The second item involved the election of delegates to NSDAR Continental Congress to be held June 30-July 4, 2021. It was moved by Becky Shultz and seconded by Janet Ebert the following members be approved: Regent Kim Snyder, Pat Detwiler, and Linda Fullerton. Alternates will be Judi Henson, Megan Snyder, and Dona Tullis. Motion carried.

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM. The next meeting will be remote on Monday, January 4, 2021. This will be a working meeting to prepare annual reports.

Submitted by Urbana Chapter DAR.

Submitted by Urbana Chapter DAR.