Plenty of places to camp

By Ron Brohm - Contributing writer

Camping is America’s favorite vacation.

Camping is America’s favorite vacation.

Ron Brohm | Contributed photo

Incredibly, there are over 30 campgrounds within an approximate 40-minute drive of Urbana. That is an astonishing amount no matter where you live, considering in this day and age when many think camping is actually a thing of the past.

To the contrary, over 40 million people participate in camping activities a year, making it the number one outdoor recreation activity in the nation and it’s also considered America’s favorite vacation by many.

Good news was delivered to campers last week when it was announced that all campgrounds in Ohio were allowed to re-open this past weekend, just in time for Memorial Day. This includes the 34 campgrounds in and around the Urbana area.

New COVID-19 guidelines have been put in place by the state for both campground owners/operators and campers themselves with this opening.

Camper guidelines

Campers must remain 6 feet apart from individuals from other households in all areas of the campgrounds to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Campers are not allowed to gather in groups.

Campground guidelines

Campground owners and operators must implement the following when opening:

-Requiring employees to wear masks and gloves when interacting with customers or other workers.

-Closing non-essential buildings and areas such as pavilions, game rooms, go-cart tracks, and volleyball and basketball courts.

-Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, pumps, tables, chairs, and other amenities for guests at least twice a day, as well as employee work spaces and staff equipment after each shift.

-Setting limits on users restroom, shower houses and laundry facilities based on the size of the area and social distancing guidelines.

-Moving chairs and marking floors inside buildings and high traffic areas so people remain at least 6 feet apart.

-Banning non-registered campers from visiting campsites.

-Creating separate entrances and exits when possible.

-Requiring employees to assess themselves daily for any symptoms.

-Posting reminders that visitors and staff should stay home if they have any symptoms of being sick.

Area campground guide

Below is a listing of over 30 campgrounds within an approximate 40 minute drive of Urbana:

Urbana area

Rittenhouse Resort Campground, Urbana

Kiser Lake State Park Campground, St Paris

Birch Bark Canoe Livery Camping, Urbana

Oakdale Campground, Quincy

Poor Farmers RV Camping, Fletcher

Bellefontaine area

Oak Crest Campground, Bellefontaine

Zane Shawnee Caverns Camping, Bellefontaine

A&E Camping Resort, Bellefontaine

Ohio State Eagles Campground, Bellefontaine

Back 40 Campground, Rushsylvania

Springfield area

John Bryan State Park Campground, Yellow Springs

Tomorrow’s Stars RV Resort, South Charleston

REI Lakes Fish & Camp, Springfield

Enon Beach Recreation Park, Campground, Springfield

Buck Creek State Park Campground, Springfield

Indian Lake area

Frosty’s RV Park & Campground, Lakeview

Indian Lake State Park Campground, Lakeview

Indian Hallow Campground, Lakeview

Lakeside RV Indian Lake, Lakeview

Sabo’s Lake Front Camping and Resort, Russells Point

Cree Park Campground, Lakeview

Welcome Woods RV Campgrounds, Russells Point

Big Bear Campground, Lakeview

Geronimo Camp, Belle Center

Frosty’s RV Park & Campground, Lakeview

Flip Flop Cove Campground, Belle Center

Watersedge Campground, Lakeview

Parkside Camping, Lakeview

Bishop’s Cove Campground, Belle Center

Cherokee Landing RV Park, Lakeview

Indian Trails Resort, Lakeview

Venture Out Resorts, Indian Lake Resort, Huntsville

London area

London Primitive Trailside Camp Area. Prairie Grass Trail, London

Deer Creek State Park Campground

Camping is America’s favorite vacation. is America’s favorite vacation. Ron Brohm | Contributed photo

By Ron Brohm

Contributing writer

Ron Brohm is a regular contributor to this newspaper.

Ron Brohm is a regular contributor to this newspaper.