Spirit of music not silenced by pandemic

By Jan Ebert - The Music Stand

Personal note: This column was due earlier, but the daily — almost minute-by-minute changes — have caused its delay. The intention was to recognize students’ musical achievements, and to notify the public of upcoming music events in the schools.

Sadly, many of those events probably will not take place, and we are dismayed for the music students and their teachers.

However, one must compliment the almost two-day turn-around made so that students could study at home. Congratulations to all for adapting so quickly to new procedures!

First recognition is for students in Champaign County who would have played their spring concert with the Springfield Youth Symphony groups earlier in March. The list was provided from the Springfield Symphony office via local musician, Colvin Bear: John Luke Blanton, cello; Maggie Blanton, violin; Matthew Craft, flute; Ari Jeske, violin; Christopher Lallo, cello, Aiden Leonard, clarinet; Gabriel Lusk, violin; Leah Lusk, violin, Andy Marr, French horn; Becky Preston, viola; Luca Vitale, double bass; and Nino Vitale, trumpet.

Kudos to Brice Henry, noted earlier in the Urbana Daily Citizen, as Springfield Symphony Orchestra’s Music Educator of the Year. Among the five finalists also recognized were David Sapp, Band Director at Urbana High School, and Michele Slone, Elementary Music Specialist in the Urbana City Schools. The Orchestra seeks area nominations for the award yearly. Nominations now may include public or private music teachers.

And finally: here are the results from the OMEA District 11 Adjudicated High School Events held at Milton Union Schools in mid-February. (listed by class, – “A” – being the highest difficulty – rating-1 being “superior”; fr – freshman, so – sophomore, jr – junior, sr – senior)

From Paul Bissler, Band Director at Graham High School:

Class C: Don Carpenter, fr trumpet, 1, Clair Crockett, fr trumpet 2, Rebecca Cox, so clarinet 2, Brady Olson, so French horn 1, Kayla Smith so trumpet 3, Jacob Stewart, sr violin 1,

Class B:Miranda Nichols, jr timpani 1, Paige Rudolf, sr alto saxophone 2,

Class A: Alleigha Botner, sr trumpet 1, Rachel Crockett, sr trombone 3,

Paige Rudolf, sr clarinet 2, Kalen Tullis, jr snare drum 2.

Graham High School Trombone Trio received a 1 in class C:

Ava Buell, Rachel Crockett, Amirah Etayam.

From John Sharritts, Triad Band Director:

Class C: Allison Madison, jr flute 1

From Paul Waibel, Choral Director Triad High School:

Class C: Raya Helton, fr mezzo 2, Electra Monroe, fr mezzo 1, Rylie Band, so mezzo 2, Kylie Hunter so mezzo 2, Hayley Judy, jr mezzo 1,

Class B: Abigail McCreary, fr alto 2, Afton Osterholt, so alto 2, Taylor Holtsberry, jr mezzo 1.

Class A: Kelsey Cole, sr mezzo 2, Travis Culp, sr bass 2, Lydiah Wenger, sr alto 2.

The Ensembles are as follows:

Chamber: Triad HS Select Choir B1

TB Select Men: C1, SA Select Ladies, B2,

SA Concert Choir Ladies, C2.

Triad area home school student:

Anna Gaertner, jr piano A1, Mezzo A1.

Mechanicsburg Student Caitlin Burchett

freshman – piano, C3, voice B2, clarinet B2.

From David Sapp, Urbana High School Band Director:

Class C: Sophia Taylor, flute 2, Lexi Marsh, clarinet 1

Class B: Annie Saylor, flute, comments only

Class A: Aidan Leonard, clarinet 1

From Stephen Fannin, West Liberty-Salem High School Band Director

Class C: Samantha Schwaderer, fr flute 1

Class A: Isaac Riblet, sr trumpet 1

Fannin also noted that Schwaderer was selected for the Concert Band and Riblet for the Jazz Band in the OMEA District 11 Honors Bands. Senior French hornist Andrew Marr was selected for the Cedarville University Honor Band.

These young musicians are to be congratulated for their achievements. We have good reason to celebrate their success.

Should I have omitted any persons, or given an incorrect entry, please notify me immediately – drjan@ctcn.net.

By Jan Ebert

The Music Stand