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Video and online ‘visits’ increasing

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Mercy Health has a number of virtual health care options available for established and new patients. These access points allow options for continuing care at a time when social distancing is key. Additionally, free COVID-19 video visits are available to help patients receive the care they need in a non-emergency environment.

Mercy Health has offered Evisits through MyChart for established patients for some time and now is expanding that option to established patients across the Bon Secours Mercy Health footprint.

Through a MyChart Evisit, patients can receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan for non-urgent conditions. With the aid of a questionnaire, patients detail their symptoms and concerns. Once their Mercy Health Physicians or Bon Secours Medical Group provider reviews this information alongside their medical history, the patient will receive a message with the recommended treatment plan. No online video or chats are necessary.

The following increase in volume has been noted at Evisits:

– Total last nine days ending March 24 (1 ½ weeks) vs. total last 12 months: 28%. In the last nine days, there has been almost 1/3 of last year’s volume.

– Average weekday (now) vs. average monthly (past 12 months): 45%. There are almost half the volume usually seen in an entire month that is now seen in one day.

– Last Friday vs. this past Monday: 87% increase in volume.

– Average weekday – last week vs. this week (so far): 89% increase in volume.

MyChart video visits have been expanded across the entire Bon Secours Mercy Health footprint. This is a service for established patients who can schedule a video visit with their provider. This helps to ensure smooth continuity of care face to face from the comfort of a patient’s home.

If patients don’t have MyChart or an Apple device (MyChart video visits work with Apple devices), there is another platform. This platform is for both established and new patients and offers scheduled face-to-face video visits. Participants can use any device with a camera and do not need a MyChart account.

If have symptoms or have been exposed

Mercy Health is now offering COVID-19 video visits free of charge to those experiencing symptoms and those who may have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Mercy Health is using the resources of its sister organization, Bon Secours, to offer the Bon Secours 24/7 app. Using this app doctors can screen for COVID-19, assess mild to moderate symptoms and discuss next steps.

The free virtual visit should be used if patients are showing possible COVID-19 symptoms or may have been exposed to someone diagnosed with a positive case of COVID-19. This is for non-emergency COVID-19 visits only. If a patient is having a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Individuals can visit or download the Bon Secours 24/7 app for free from the app store. The code CARE2020 will secure a free COVID-19 visit.

In terms of video visits, across our footprint, the following increases have been noted:

– From Friday, March 20, to Tuesday, March 24 – 306% increase

– Month-to-date March 24, 2020 vs. month-to-date March 24, 2019 – 5,373% increase
Video and online ‘visits’ increasing

Submitted story

Submitted by Mercy Health.

Submitted by Mercy Health.