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Michael Sullivan, former Urbana Daily Citizen Managing Editor (1987-1993), has authored and published a second book that reveals Bible-based literature written over the first few hundred years of American history. Now available at online bookstores, it is titled “Judeo-Christian Experience in American Literary History: Surprising Spiritual Writings that Once Nourished Our Nation – Rediscovered.”

“I wrote this book to inform and inspire Christians and Jews – who have never before seen how their deep spiritual affinity has touched millions of Americans throughout our history,” Sullivan said. With strong local connections, Sullivan studied, researched and taught literature and English in area colleges, including Urbana University, Clark State University and Wright State where he earned a master’s degree.

The Judeo-Christian Experience in American Literary History represents primary research across a whole new landscape of American writers and writings so under-represented in college anthologies, Sullivan said. The book includes lesser-known material from well-known writers like Emerson, Hawthorne, Melville, Emily Dickinson, Edna Millay, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King, Countee Cullen, Chaim Potok, William F. Buckley and select U.S. Presidents.

Sullivan’s first book published in 2018 was titled “You Are a Godsend.” It represents a new and fast-rising trend in professional psychology that acknowledges the vital role of spirituality in re-awakening personal meaning for authentic self-esteem.

“I write on spiritual topics for a specific reason,” Sullivan said. “We Americans need to re-educate ourselves to rediscover our fantastic spiritual heritage – yet also realize the magnificent possibilities of remembering that we – in fact – were born knowing God. We are all ‘Godsends’ and catalysts for changing the world through the gospel – the supernatural energy and healing intelligence of God’s love.”

Sullivan is currently finishing a book on Jesus the Messianic Jew. He uses a pen name adapted from his years as a local editor and columnist, “D. Michael O’Sullivan.”

Sullivan retired in 2017 from Teradata where he worked for over 25 years as a media relations manager and executive speechwriter. He is now a freelance writer and editorial consultant who continues to advise professionals on how to write for and communicate with audiences. Sullivan is a resident of the Urbana-Springfield area.

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Information courtesy of Michael Sullivan.

Information courtesy of Michael Sullivan.