Urbana teacher volunteering to resign

Staff report

Urbana City Schools 5th grade math teacher Tyler Wisse signed a “Resignation Agreement And Release Of All Claims” document on Sept. 27, after which the document was signed by Superintendent Charles Thiel and a representative of the Urbana Association of Classroom Teachers. Wisse is due in Madison County Municipal Court on Oct. 15 for a probation violation after his classroom last month was found to contain empty and full bottles of alcohol, along with a box-cutter knife.

Thiel said the school board will be asked to approve a resolution to accept the agreement at the next board meeting. The next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 15.

The signed document states that Wisse voluntarily resigns as an Urbana teacher effective Sept. 30 and that the board agrees to accept the resignation. Details include that he previously had declined insurance coverage and agrees he is not entitled to COBRA continuation coverage.

The proposed agreement further states that Wisse agrees he is not eligible for severance pay, but will be paid for each work day through Sept. 30, except for eight days docked because he was unavailable to work.

In February, Wisse was charged with driving under the influence, for which he was found guilty in Madison County Municipal Court in June. He was fined $825 and ordered to have an “ignition interlock” on his vehicle.

In a Sept. 17 document to the Ohio Department of Education, Thiel states that on Sept. 5, Wisse was given a breathalyzer test ordered by his probation officer and that he was driven from the school to his home by a school employee. Thiel further states that Wisse contacted the principal to say a substitute teacher would be needed the following day because he had tested positive for alcohol use and would be charged with a probation violation.

In the report to the Ohio Department of Education, Thiel states that Wisse had used profanity and behaved in an unusual manner during a pre-school meeting on Sept. 5, resulting in the principal being notified and Wisse being questioned. The report states Wisse refused to undergo a breathalyzer test offered by the school resource officer because of drinking the previous night. His probation officer subsequently was contacted and ordered the test. Wisse was held without bond in the Tri-County Regional Jail for a period of time after the alleged probation violation.

The report continues that a search of Wisse’s classroom revealed an empty can of alcohol, three full cans of alcohol, two empty cans of chewing tobacco and a box-cutter knife in a bag stored inside a cabinet.

The report notes that Wisse was placed on administrative leave and told not to return to the school until an investigatory hearing was held by the school district. That hearing was held on Sept. 20.

Wisse’s personnel file indicates he has been an Urbana teacher and junior high coach (volleyball and wrestling) since 2014.

Staff report