Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend

Staff report

Remember to turn clocks back one hour before bedtime today. Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 4. The website of the state Fire Marshal’s Office recommends replacing smoke alarm batteries twice a year and advises a good way to remember to do so is when time “falls back” in the fall and “springs forward” in the spring.

Other recommendations on the website include:

• Test smoke alarms monthly. Push the test button on the unit to make sure the alarm sounds.

• Clean your alarm at least once a year. Vacuum out any dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated.

• Replace the batteries twice a year. If your smoke alarm is powered by your home’s electrical system (or hardwired), you still need to replace the back-up battery. The only time you don’t have to replace the battery is if your smoke alarm uses a non-replaceable 10-year lithium (long-life) battery.

• Never disable the smoke alarm or remove the battery.

• Replace any smoke alarm older than 10 years. That’s the service life of the smoke alarm.

Staff report