Ohio News Briefs

Classified info security officer appointed in trade case

CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal judge has appointed a classified information security officer in the case of a Chinese spy accused of trying to steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aviation and aerospace companies.

Defendant Yanjun Xu was charged Wednesday with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.

Prosecutors allege that beginning in December 2013, Xu recruited experts who worked at aviation companies, including GE Aviation. They say Xu and others would pay stipends for the experts to travel to China under the guise of delivering a university presentation.

Court papers say Xu and other operatives discussed how they would obtain “highly sensitive information” from the experts.

Cincinnati Judge Timothy Black on Thursday appointed the security officer to the case.

Ohio patrol, 2 other states’ police focus on safety on I-70

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s State Highway Patrol and state police from two adjacent states are collaborating this weekend along Interstate 70 on focused enforcement of laws related to speeding, safety and operating vehicles impaired (OVI).

The enforcement effort that began at 12:01 a.m. Friday will continue through the weekend, ending at 11:59 p.m. Sunday. It includes state police from Indiana and Pennsylvania as well as Ohio state troopers.

All three agencies are members of a multi-state law enforcement partnership known as the 6-State Trooper Project. That project involving Ohio and five other states aims to combine and coordinate law enforcement and security services in the areas of highway safety, criminal patrol and intelligence sharing.

Ohio’s patrol says more than 14,000 OVI-related crashes occurred on Ohio’s roadways in 2017, killing 397 and injuring 8,803.