Club News

The Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met Monday, Aug. 20, at 1:30 p.m. at the Urbana United Methodist Church.

The meeting was called to order by Chapter Regent Kim Snyder, who welcomed 17 members.

Snyder conducted the Opening Ritual. The group joined in The Pledge of Allegiance, the American’s Creed and the singing of the national anthem, led by Dr. Janet Ebert.

President General’s Report: Judi Henson reported that President General Dillon has reminded chapters to plan for a National DAR Day of Service in honor of our birthday on Oct. 11. Of course, the DAR’s Service to our Nation does not happen one day a year. Our involvement in the communities of America is the very foundation of what we do!

National Defense Report: Margaret Denzer discussed comments by Julia Miller Rogers, National Chair, National Defense Committee. She referred to a quote from the David McCullough book, “The Wright Brothers,” which was in a December 24, 1897 issue of the Washington Post. It read; “It is a fact…that man cannot fly!” In a time period of many varied inventions, it was Orville and Wilbur Wright who completed four successful flights on Thursday, December 17, 1903. Think of this the next time you board a plane!

Secretary’s Report: The June minutes were approved as written. Carol Tong offered an addition to these minutes regarding the omission of the Indian Report. At the June meeting, Carol Tong reported on the subject of Native Americans and Hair Loss. Common information tells us some tribes are apparently completely genetically immune to the most common form of hair loss.

Regent’s Report: Snyder discussed the very serious need for volunteers to fill some of the Chapter’s leadership roles. Over the coming year, each of the committees will be highlighted during monthly meetings. In addition, members were reminded of their responsibility for new membership for our Chapter.

It was exciting to learn that Urbana Chapter has been mentioned in the “Silver Wings Newsletter” which goes out to National and State DAR leadership, in regard to Regent Snyder’s report on the “Treats for First Responders,” our Service Day project from last year.

The CDRC’s have just finished and Snyder presented VIS at all four meetings, including one given via a Skype call from the Champaign County Fair.

Several members will be attending the Fall Fun Fair in Columbus, Ohio. A special highlight of the day will be WWI music presented by our Chapter members, associates and the Cuttahotha Society CAR during the luncheon activities.

Our Chapter had great representation at the recent Champaign County Fair. We awarded two Rabbit Showmanship Trophies, two Goat Trophies and added packages to the King of the Ring buckets.

Vice Regent’s Report: The report was given by Judi Henson. She discussed the value in attending the CDRC meetings since new information is always helpful. She mentioned that Ohio ranks 4th in the United States for member participation in the New Members Course. All members are encouraged to pursue the on-line training course.

Chaplain’s Report: In the absence of Thiesa Dohner, this report was given by Carol Tong. She noted that State Chaplain, Gwen McGuire, has asked that we keep in mind the many needs of our youth. Remembering them in our constant prayers is something we all can make a part of our lives.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Brooks presented the Proposed Budget for 2018-2019. It was moved by Margaret Denzer and seconded by Pat Detwiler that the budget be accepted. Motion carried. The report will be filed for audit. Judy Brooks then presented a bill for printing of yearbooks. It was moved by Dona Tullis and seconded by Janet Ebert these bills be paid. Motion carried.

Registrar’s Report: Dona Tullis reported a membership of 86 members and 6 prospective members.

Executive Board Meeting Report: Regent Snyder reported that the Executive Board met on August 2, 2018 and as a result of that meeting, an amendment to the Bylaws was presented to the chapter. The matter was discussed and will be presented for a vote at the September meeting.

American Heritage: Judy Brooks reported that the purpose of this committee is to preserve our rich American Heritage through such areas as arts, sculptor, crafts, drama, and literature.

American History/DAR Good Citizen/DAR Scholarship: Peg Neiswander reported that the committee had met and presently is waiting on application forms to arrive.

American Indians: Judi Kathary reported that Samuel Tom Holiday, one of the longest surviving Navajo Code Talkers for WW II, died on June 12, 2018.

Service to America: Judi Henson reported that Urbana Chapter members had logged 1,317 hours of service to date for 2018. In addition, she encouraged members to visit the National DAR website to learn the exact DAR events that qualify for hours of service.

Program: Snyder reviewed the yearbook highlighting each month’s planned programs. Of interest in the coming month of September are three events, the first of which will be September 12 when Dr. Janet Ebert will give an excellent presentation on “Urbana University, the Swedenborgens, and the DAR” at Urbana University. September 17 will feature our Constitution Day Program and Bell Ringing and September 29 is the Chapter’s annual participation in the Hoopla Parade in downtown Urbana, Ohio.

The October meeting will feature a tree planting dedication, and a National Day of Service Project involving Honor Flight.

Looking ahead into 2019, the State Conference and Continental Congress dates were discussed, as well as additional programs anticipated at meetings.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM.

Hostesses for the meeting were Peg Neiswander and Jeanne Evans.

The next meeting will involve the Constitution Day Celebration and Bell Ringing at Freedom Grove Park, Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4 PM. The public is invited to attend and bring bells to ring