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At the Pens, Pans, & Needles 4-H Club meeting on June 13, 2018, the meeting was started with Haley Hamby leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Libby Scheiderer leading the 4-H pledge. Our Environmental Officer, Sammy Dean, reported that one recycled aluminum can saves enough electricity to operate a television for 3 hours. Next, Hannah Dingledine shared that our club collected $132.22 in 4-H Button Day donations from Mechanicsburg residents. She also reminded members that Health and Speaking Contest applications are due July 18. Our 4-H club voted for a club activity and decided to go to the Columbus Zoo. Members with goat, rabbit, sheep and chicken projects filled out paperwork with project entries. Gwen Westfall invited scrapbooking members to her house to scrapbook and to select donated items they might want to use with their project. The meeting was adjourned by Lily Marsh, and seconded by Haley Hamby, then members practiced for skillathons.

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Libby Scheiderer

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