Ackison a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate

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Business owner Melissa Ackison of Marysville is a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate on the May ballot. Also competing in the May Primary are U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci and Cleveland-area businessman Mike Gibbons. The winner faces Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in November.

Gibbons visited the Urbana Daily Citizen in person in March on the same day he was keynote speaker at the Lincoln Day Dinner and answered the newspaper’s questions. He was profiled in an earlier story last month. After the Gibbons story was printed, Ackison requested a meeting with the Urbana Daily Citizen but was unable to attend on the agreed-upon date and time and offered the following answers via phone to questions that had been presented to Gibbons:

Ackison’s responses …

What should be done to protect school children from attackers with guns?

“I would like to see an increase in metal detectors” and “for teachers who wish to be armed and are properly trained” to have guns.

“I would like to explore the utilization of armed guards or personnel, security personnel or retired military or a police presence to guard school children.”

“I would not support a modification of the Second Amendment.”

She said there is a “crisis situation” with mental health that should be addressed.


Do you think NAFTA needs reworked? What about tariffs? How is Ohio impacted?

“Absolutely (NAFTA should be reworked) “I come from a manufacturing and distribution environment in the private sector” She said she has “worked in a variety of industries in which trade (laws) was detrimental to workers.”

“The cost to do business in the United States is difficult” given trade restrictions.

There should be “a level playing field for American workers.”

“I support the president’s tariffs. I saw this as the beginning stages of negotiations, forcing the hand of China and other countries.” Should be a “level playing field for everybody to compete fairly.”

“I would like to see American steel have a presence again.” Her father worked in the steel industry. She the president’s actions will mean a revival of jobs

“I would like to see American steel have a role in seeing that we have the best military equipment the world has ever known.”


What should be done with what’s left of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

“As a small business owner,” she said she would like a complete repeal of ACA “and allow Ohio markets to do what they need to do.”

“Let free enterprise do its work.”

She wants government out of healthcare, but also wants transparency in medical costs/treatment.

She says the ACA has had “crippling effects” on small business owners and those with pre-existing conditions.

Said she was invited to Washington D.C. by the president and vice president due to her family’s experience with ACA.

Her website states: “During the summer of 2017, Melissa and her husband Rich were invited to Washington D.C. on two different occasions to share about their experiences of being victims of ObamaCare.”


Staff report