CT Communications seeks ‘Backpack’ donations

Food goes to Caring Kitchen, then to local children

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CT Communications, an Urbana-based phone and internet company, is beginning a month-long non-perishable food drive for a local service known as The Backpack Program. As back-to-school is upon us, it is the mission of CT Communications to deliver a donation of items to the Caring Kitchen in preparation of delivering these backpacks.

For those unfamiliar, the Caring Kitchen partners with local schools to ensure that children in the community have access to food outside school hours, mostly over weekends and other days off from school. For employees at CT Communications, this is a program near and dear to their hearts.

“While we all agree that there are certain goods and services that are needed for kids to have a positive experience at school, the most important thing is that kids don’t have to think about hunger,” said Tim Bolander, President and CEO of CT Communications.

The food drive begins today, Aug. 1, and continues through Aug. 31. Anyone is welcome to make a donation to the dedicated tote in the CT Communications lobby located at 126 Scioto St. in Urbana. The Caring Kitchen specifies preferred items for The Backpack Program, as each item needs to be individually packed in kid-friendly packaging. The list includes but isn’t limited to:

Microwaveable items

Shelf-stable milk

Individual cereals

Individual packs of oatmeal



Fruit cups

Pop tarts


Breakfast bars

Boxed juices

Ramen noodles

Microwaveable Mac and Cheese

For more information about the donations being accepted at CT Communications, call Emily at 937-653-2216.

Food goes to Caring Kitchen, then to local children

Submitted story

Submitted by CT Communications.

Submitted by CT Communications.