4-H News

Mad River Jr Livestock had the last meeting of 2017 on July 12. During the meeting we discussed changes to skillathons, along with other important information. Our advisors handed out the forms we will need when we get to the fair. To end the final meeting we gathered for a picnic and we also made homemade bubbles. So on behalf of our club we wish everyone good luck at the 2017 Champaign County Fair.

_ _ _ _

The St. Paris Champion Livestock 4-H group held a meeting on July 16 at the home of the Stickleys. All of the members were present and there was one advisor present. First, we practiced for the Skillathon. Then, the meeting was called to order. Then the group moved to purchase a wheel barrel, a rake, a hose, and a hose nozzle for the fair. Also, we discussed that the Skillathon is on June 19, 2017 and that record books are due on that same date. The time for Club Set-up was announced as August 2nd at 6:00. The scheduled times for all of the lamb shows was then announced. Lastly, the meeting was adjourned. The group stayed to practice for the Skillathon again, filled out practice medication release forms, and cleaned the name plates and the pen sponsor plates. After that, we went down to the Stickley barn and worked on showmanship tips.

See everyone at the fair.

Ava Prince

_ _ _ _

The members of the Create, Write, Dream Club gathered at Green Hills Community on July 11. Members Cassidy Stephan, Ian Higgins, Graham Higgins and Nick Landolfo spoke about their 4-H projects both past and present. Then each member assisted the residents as they created a fireworks painting craft. Advisor Penny Higgins kept everything running smoothly.

Nick Landolfo

_ _ _ _

The Champaign Feeder met in July 16, 2017 at the North Lewisburg United Methodist Church. Roll call was answered with your favorite fair food. We discussed the 4-H booth, how camp was for those who went, stall fees, project reports and book work. We reminded animals projects when skillathon times were. The next meeting is August 1, 2017 at the fairgrounds for setup at 6 p.m.

Kristin Bailey