4-H News

Our new 4-H group, “For The Love of Everything” is off and running. We have had 4 meetings. We have 18 members, and this is the very first year of 4-H for each member in our group. Our leaders are Melissa Nunamaker and Jill Titus. Club officers are as follows: President Jason Surmaceviz, Vice President Harley Ferguson, Treasurer Eli Dowdy, Health and Safety Officer Josie Nunamaker, Reporter Kaytlin Nunamaker, Recreation leader Carter Titus, Club Historian Cooper Titus, and Community Officer Jackson Nunamaker.

Our club is very diversified. We have regular 4-H members in Middle School and High School. We also have Clover Buds, which are from ages 5-8. The Clover Buds have already accomplished 3 meeting projects 1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 2. Making healthy choices 3. Making safe choices. Our regular 4-H members are taking individual projects in woodworking, collecting, fancy ducks, companion pygmy goats, rabbits, archery, photography, and gardening.

As a team, our club is planning for fundraisers and community services events. We are learning as we go and are having a great time!

Kaytlin Nunamaker

News Reporter

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