BREAKING NEWS: Arrest made in BB gun shooting incident that injured 4-year-old girl

Information from Urbana Police Division

Late Friday evening, September 2, 2016 Urbana police made an arrest in the shooting of a 4-year-old that happened last Wednesday evening. Chad L. King, 19, of Columbus, was taken into custody by Urbana police and interviewed regarding his involvement in the incidents regarding the shooting of an airsoft bb gun at various victims throughout the city over the past week. King, admitted to officers he was the person responsible for causing the injuries to 4-year old, Maci Clay, around 9:05 pm on Wednesday near her home. At the time of the incident in which Clay was shot, King was a student at Urbana University and was driving back to the campus.

King has been charged with the following:

Assault – a 1st degree misdemeanor

Obstructing Official Business – a 2nd degree misdemeanor, and,

Throwing or Shooting Misses – a 4th degree misdemeanor

He was taken to Tri-County Jail where, he posted bond, was released, and is ordered to make his original court appearance in Champaign Municipal Court on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Police continue to investigate other recent BB gun shootings that injured other victims, and have not charged King for those yet, and police are following up on information that other persons may have been involved in those incidents.

Police have recovered an airsoft bb gun that was discarded in a dumpster located on the Urbana University campus.

Officers will continue to follow up on various leads they’ve received involved with these cases and are very appreciative of the number of citizens who have contacted us with information on these cases.

While we are encouraged that we have solved the Maci Clay assault, we still have other victims who deserve some closure too. We do hope that with this arrest, everyone will self-reflect on the dangers and the cruelty involved in deciding to shoot a bb gun at innocent people.

We’d ask for our citizens to continue to reach out to us if they believe they have information that would be helpful to us in these bb shooting incidents, or any other criminal incidents hurtful to the Urbana community.

Information from Urbana Police Division

Info released by Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell.

Info released by Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell.