“For The Love of Everything” 4-H Club

Our most recent 4-H meeting was held on Superbowl Sunday. We took some time to enjoy tailgate snacks and have a little fun with Bengals football trivia. From the name of the stadium and first coach, to the first Bengal Hall of Famer, to the colors of the team, our club broke into groups to see who knew the most Cincinnati Bengal trivia. Malionna Karg won a prize for having the closest guess for the final score of the Bengals vs Rams Superbowl.

After our trivia contest, we elected officers. Our President is Carter Titus. Our Vice-President is Olivia Albertson. Reagan Kile is going to be our Secretary, with Kendal Feasel assisting. Our Treasurers are Cooper Titus and with the assistance of Maddie Wright. Brock Burgle is our Recreation Officer and will be assisted by Mia Titus. The Health and Safety Officer is Ainsley Drexler Miller. Mckenzie Karg and Elizabeth Shuryan are the Reporters. Our Historian Officer is Kaden Gochenouer. Our Thankful Leader Officer is Megan Woodruff, assisted by Berek Weber. Our Technology Officer is Kase Mclntosh. Our Community Service Leader is Kiley Burgel. And our Decorating Committee Co-chairs are Ellie Titus and Maebree Carter.

With National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, 2022, our club took this day on as a challenge to do something nice for someone else. We have also been given a sign to place outside of our homes that resemble that we are a proud 4-H member or Cloverbud.

For the Cloverbud portion of the meeting, kids were challenged to find the best cleaning tool for windows. There was a competition on what cleaning tool worked the best, between paper towels, thick napkins, cotton cloth, and microfiber cloth. The winner was a microfiber cloth by a long shot! This project was used to teach Cloverbuds how they can help around the home.

For the Love of Everything is a proud 4-H club in Champaign County with approximately 60 members, between Project Members and Cloverbuds. This article was written by McKenzie Karg and Elizabeth Shuryan


Egg Your Yard

4-H Food, Fashion & Creative Arts Board members will Egg Your Yard with candy-filled eggs for your kids to hunt the next morning. Eggs will be placed Saturday, April 16 between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

House must be in Champaign County.

-$20 for 25 Eggs

-$35 for 50 Eggs

Questions? Please call Kiley Horn at 937-772-6013 to access order form. Due by Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

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