DeGRAFF – Shady Bowl Speedway closed its 2021 season with a show of madness, mayhem and outright craziness.

A packed house watched cars race chained together, a two wheel skid plate race, a race around flag poles, a race where every car or truck started towing a trailer until only one is left, a 75-lap compact feature, a burn out contest and a 300-lap enduro dubbed the Clunker Classic.

The 75-lap Harrod Septic Solutions Compact feature saw Piqua driver Mike Wintrow put his Jennings Construction backed Cavalier out front on lap 12 and never look back as he won the event going away. Nick Hall was second, with fast qualifier Steve Duty third, Alec Young fourth and Bill Hall fifth.

Corey Plunkett of Piqua won the burn out contest in spectacular style, as he actually shredded the rear tires on his pick-up.

The chain race was won by brothers Ryan and Nick Barrett. David Lockhart and Tim Dovel were second with Corey Plunkett and Damien Weigel third.

In the crazy flagpole race, Zak Thornhill just edged out Ryan Barrett and Scottie Marquis for the win.

Ryan Barrett carried the checkered for the skid plate race, with Shawn Ryan second and Nick Dolan third.

The Clunker Classic is a 300-lap or three-hour event. At the end of 300 laps Saturday, it was veteran enduro driver Scottie Marquis posing for victory lane photos. Jason Shaw, Nick Dolen, Nick Barrett and Jordon Gustin filled out the top five. Marquis had a three-lap cushion over Shaw.

The “Trailer Race of Destruction” lived up to its name with debris all around the oval when the event was over. Mitch Seagall was the winner, with David Kirkpatrick second and Jeremiah Jacobs third.

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