The 2019-2020 Urbana FFA officer training was held on July 14. Students arrived at the Urbana High School Agriculture Department at 8 a.m. to set goals for the upcoming school year. The officers set personal, team and chapter goals to make the upcoming year as great as possible. The team also shared ideas on how to continue annual activities with the guidelines required because of COVID-19.

Next, the advisors and officers worked together to set dates for events this upcoming school year. The chapter then provided all officers with a lunch from Lincoln & Main in Urbana, OH. Students then went to work on their officer books and other assigned duties.

Students remained six feet apart from each other while advisors were required to wear masks. Unlike years in the past, students and advisors were not able to attend an overnight retreat with activities due to COVID-19.

By Hailey Combs

Hailey Combs is the Urbana FFA reporter.