On Dec. 3, Meredith Bodey and Jodi Flora, director and deputy director, respectively, of the Champaign County Board of Elections, announced the successful completion of an audit of votes cast in the Nov. 5 General Election. The audit confirmed the accuracy of the results.

The board audited the results of the Madison-Champaign ESC, being the race covering the most precincts in the county. There were no changes in the results of the precincts counted from the official results tallied on Nov. 19.

In Ohio, post-election audits are normally required following each general election in an even-numbered year and after each presidential primary election. However, with the implementation of new voting equipment in many Ohio counties in 2019, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose directed all boards of elections to conduct a post-election audit following the November 2019 election to further validate election results.

“As new voting machines come to Ohio, we want voters to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of their elections,” said LaRose. “This successful audit confirms the results were correct and goes a long way to ensure Champaign County will be ready for 2020.

“The confidence of Ohio’s voters is a top priority, so this audit provides an additional assurance that their county’s results are accurate and honest,” said LaRose. “By requiring this audit, we’re taking that extra step and leaving no doubt that the winners are the winners.”

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Submitted by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.