More Consistent Ball Striking

I cannot tell you how many times I hear in a lesson,“I just want to hit the ball more consistently.”

This is every player’s goal, of course.

One of the biggest reasons players have inconsistent ball striking is their inability to have a repetitive motion in their swing and keep their lower body steady while trying to move or rotate the upper body.

As difficult as it may sound to keep the lower body in position, with practice and understanding that the back knee (right knee for right-handed golfers) needs to stay flexed and not straighten or sway left to right while swinging, the more you will see consistency in your ball striking.

The golf stance at address is supposed to be relaxed and tension free – maintain that into the swing and allow the body to maintain a “base” to swing around.

Work on staying stable and your fundamentals and you’re sure to see more consistency.

By William Unger III

Special to the Citizen

William Unger III is the director of operations and director of golf at Urbana Country Club.