All life is precious

The AP report on banning abortions when the infant in the womb has been diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) mentions that NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and Planned Parenthood object. However, on Nov. 8, 2012, a newspaper reported that University of Washington scientists had succeeded in removing the extra copy of Chromosome 21 in cell cultures taken from a Down’s syndrome patient, and on July 17, 2013, another report noted that “scientists have corrected the genetic fault that causes Down’s syndrome — albeit in isolated cells.” Should the child be born, The National Down Syndrome Network of Cincinnati has a roster of 200 adoptive families.

The in-womb diagnosis is not perfect, and there are cases when the mother had a Down’s syndrome prognosis and bore the infant anyway — who turned out to be fine.

Since all life is precious, the Ohio legislative panel was probably right to opt for patience. The pro-choice lobby actually offers only one choice, abortion, whereas we can certainly agree that even life with Down’s syndrome is better than death.

Sincerely yours

David George & members

Champaign County Right to Life