Authentic Leadership

Many believe what we need most in our country is Authentic Leadership. In 2004 Bill George wrote a book titled: Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value. Mr. George’s compelling thoughts reinforce the call for genuine and ethical leadership.

Americans are faced with many challenges and we the citizens must have the ability to bring people together to solve these problems and achieve sustainable results over time.

“Authentic leaders pursue their purpose with passion, practice solid values, lead with their hearts as well as with their heads, establish connected relationships and demonstrate self-discipline.”

Champaign County is fortunate to have one the best programs for developing leaders. Each year the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce sponsors Leadership Champaign County. Participants have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives, enhance their leadership skills and learn from others who are active in our community.

Simply stated…”All of us have the spark of leadership in us, whether it is in business, in government, or as a nonprofit volunteer. The challenge is to understand ourselves well enough to discover where we can use our leadership gifts to serve others.”

John Hale

Leadership Champaign County Class of 2016