Service News

Maj. Jason Douthwaite and Lt. Col. Jennifer Douthwaite will be serving together in southwest Asia this October. Maj. Douthwaite has been deployed overseas since May and will be joined by his wife in October. This is the third deployment for Maj. Douthwaite, who also was in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Douthwaite works for West Liberty-Salem School and is the school nurse and nurse practitioner there.

The couple are the parents of four school-age children, Trenton, Tyler, Tina and Tori. They live in West Liberty. Maj. Douthwaite is the son of Steve and Kathy Douthwaite, and Lt. Col. Douthwaite is the daughter of James and Linda Buckley.

Lt. Col. Jennifer Douthwaite and Maj. Jason Douthwaite Col. Jennifer Douthwaite and Maj. Jason Douthwaite Submitted photo

Submitted by the James Buckley family.