Reader: Adoption is the loving option

The article “As number of adoptions drops, agencies face strains” (Urbana Daily Citizen, May 1, p. 8) notes that a million families are trying to adopt at any given time,” but face long waiting lists. What the writer fails to mention is that the one million figure matches almost exactly the number of annual U.S. abortions (1,011,000 in 2012, and a projected 926,190 in 2015-16). That is because the abortion clinics never refer pregnant women to crisis pregnancy centers, where practical arrangements can be made for adoption.

Also figuring into the drop in adoptions is the anemic U.S. birth-rate, 1.86 per woman of childbearing age. CNN reports that this is the lowest figure since birth statistics began to be kept over a century ago. Yet experts say that a sustainable population replacement rate is three births per woman; two per woman does not take into account early childhood and teen deaths or incapacity to have children.

“Adoption is the loving option,” as pro-life organizations like to say. Pregnant women who are considering abortions but would like to know about adoption can contact Champaign County Right to Life (937 653-6745 or for information about local crisis pregnancy centers.

Sincerely yours,

David George & members

Champaign County Right to Life