WEST LIBERTY – Joshua Cordell and Caylee Karg are West Liberty-Salem’s Seniors of the Month for January. Their comments:

Joshua Cordell

School Activities and Awards: Four year varsity letter in Wrestling as well as team captain for four years. I’m in Link Crew as well as the National Honor Society and have recently joined the West Liberty-Salem Key Club.

If I were principal for a day: I would either cancel school for the day or make sure no homework was assigned.

Favorite school memory: Playing for the championship in the dodgeball tournament my freshman year.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My grandfather and grandmother (papaw and nana).

Because: They are the reason for my successes and the goals that I have set for myself. Everything I do is in an effort to please them and make them proud and that desire has fueled me to do my best. They could be anyone’s role model.

Lately, I have been reading: My bible and anything Mr. Lynxwiler assigns.

My advice to parents: Don’t be the reason why your kids feel like they were held back by anything. Let them become their own person and be their undying support through any and all decisions that they make.

My biggest regret: I have none. Everything happens for a reason and God will bring me to where I need to be.

Next year I will be: In college at Muskingum University double majoring in economics and business management. There’s also a possibility of being on their wrestling team but I’m still undecided.

Caylee Karg

PARENTS: Susan and Lynn Karg

School Activities and Awards: White Tiger Award, NHS, Musical, Drama Club, Cross Country, Track & Field, and Link Crew

If I were principal for a day: I would ban homework.

Favorite school memory: Just talking to all of my friends.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My parents

Because: Of their relationship with each other and God.

Lately, I have been reading: Anything I can get my hands on.

My advice to parents: Always support your kids with all of their activities and classes they take because it is really stressful and the support really helps.

My biggest regret: Not making more time for going to games and meets for other sports.

Next year I will be: At a college somewhere studying something.



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