Consider a different site for new schools

Are we thinking wisely or are we allowing old memories to block our vision for Urbana City School’s future?

What are we really going to have when all is said and done? (If it ever gets done.) At this point we need to think about making changes that would alleviate some of the existing problems with the current projected project such as access roads, sewer and water lines and etc. Plus, who wants a new school built in an area not visible because of being hidden behind Urbana’s busy business area and close to a “dump site” which in the future could create another problem? It is a new year, so maybe new ideas should be looked at and considered.

What is wrong with building all new facilities for K-12 at a new site? Almost always it is wiser and cost less to build new facilities in order to meet all the required regulations rather then renovating old facilities to meet the requirements.

Why can’t we vision a new site where everything would be located in one area? An excellent site would be the land located behind the Community Center where after completion it would be a visible facility to be proud of. There would be easy access to the facilities from existing South U.S. Route and state Route 55. Water and sewage lines also exist in that area, plus there would be plenty area for parking at all school events.

If this would be a feasible possibility, sell the ground that is scheduled for the current proposed site and in the future other school district properties could be sold or used in other ways.

Donald L. Barger