Cyber privacy and security topics, safety discussed

Local residents were informed about numerous cyber data privacy and security topics during a presentation earlier this week.

In recognition of Data Privacy Month, Scot Ganow spoke Wednesday on how people can manage personal data from a business and personal perspective. An attorney who deals with privacy law, Ganow is a part of Faruki Ireland and Cox P.L.L., Dayton.

During the hour-long presentation, Ganow spoke on different skills and information pertaining to cyber security, often referencing recent examples of cyber attacks, how to spot questionable emails and how to know what websites are encrypted for personal data.

A major privacy and security tip Ganow provided was reviewing and understanding privacy and security settings for people’s electronic devices such as computers, tablets, music players, in addition to Internet browsers, social media accounts and mobile applications.

Residents were also told to secure their home Wi-Fi networks with a password and a unique network name in addition to installing and updating their operating system software or getting security software to protect against viruses, malware and other harmful software.

Ganow also spoke on the importance of updating passwords on sensitive accounts with unique and strong passwords regularly or when the accounts have been compromised.

From a business perspective, Ganow encouraged organizations that collect data to have policies and procedures in place that dictate what they do with data in addition to having regular training sessions.

In addition to safety tips, Ganow also provided information on different data privacy laws from both the federal and state levels.

Residents wanting to keep up with the latest information on privacy and security were encouraged to follow the law firm of Faruki Ireland and Cox P.L.L. on Twitter @FI&C, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance’s website at and the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer information website at

By Nick Walton

Nick Walton can be reached at 937-652-1331 Ext. 1777 or on Twitter @UDCWalton.