Logan County shooting: Composed shooter calls 9-1-1


LOGAN COUNTY – The caller was calm, rational, unhurried.

“This is Evan Hoffman,” the voice tells the Logan County 9-1-1 dispatcher. “I have just shot a friend who was trespassing inside my house.”

The friend Hoffman spoke of was Branden Doseck, a Jackson Center teenager who later was pronounced dead at Mary Rutan Hospital as a result of the gunshot wound.

“He is breathing, but he’s going into shock right now,” Hoffman said, again his voice showing no trace of panic or excitement. “He was trespassing inside my home.”

Later in the five-minute, 50-second audio clip of the 9-1-1 call, Hoffman admits that he was hosting a drinking party in his rural home at 6089 County Road 21 in western Logan County and that he had thrown Doseck out of the party at sometime prior to the 9-1-1 call, which was logged a 3:53 a.m. Sunday morning.

“I already told him to go home and he came back with three or four of his friends inside a Honda car, of some sort,” Hoffman, 20, coolly told the dispatcher. “They appear to have left at some point, however, and there is a bunch of people at my house that I do not want here.”

Hoffman claimed on the tape that Doseck had broken down a door to the house and was trying to fight Hoffman.

“He was inside my home and I shot him with a deer-slug,” Hoffman said. After telling the dispatcher that Doseck had been shot through the left abdomen, he offered the dispatcher a more detailed assessment.

“Let me see here,” a composed Hoffman told the dispatcher. “It looks … it doesn’t look to be fatal, but there is some stuff sticking out of him. He is definitely breathing, though.”

When the dispatcher asked if Hoffman had been drinking, he said, “Yes, I have. We were at a party together and he decided to come back to my party after I told him to get out,” Hoffman said, “and, so, I’d figured that it would be nice to be honest with you guys.”

“I am 20, and I am underage, and I will accept the penalties regarding that,” Hoffman continued, “but he was in my house and we need an ambulance …”

Doseck, 16, was taken by squad from the County Road 21 residence to Mary Rutan Hospital where he was pronounced dead by the medical staff.

Several times during the call, there are audible sighs from Hoffman and some commotion in the background, but the only time Hoffman voiced any emotion was when the dispatcher told him to remain on the phone with her.

“I’m staying here, I’m staying here,” Hoffman said tersely of her reminder, but otherwise was polite and collected throughout the nearly six-minute call. He even went so far as to correctly spell Doseck’s last name for the dispatcher.

Initial reports indicate that Hoffman fired another shot into a crowd of party-goers gathered on his front porch and that two suffered minor injuries but refused treatment.

Deputies who were called to the scene arrested Hoffman on a number of misdemeanors, all involving drinking or serving alcohol to under-aged persons.


By Tom Stephens

For Civitas Media

Tom Stephens is a regular contributor to this publication.

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