Union Twp. Trustee Ron Williams faces challenger Terry Rittenhouse

UNION TWP. – Current township trustee Ron Williams will face competition to retain his seat next month from resident Terry Rittenhouse.

Having finished his first term as a trustee, Williams said he is pleased that he has been able to affect major changes in spending, updating policies, cemetery management, protecting zoning and public relations.

“I would like to continue to work to make sure township government works for the people, that due process is fair and equal to all residents, regardless of special interest or status,” Williams said.

He said he is running for re-election to continue to cut costs and increase productivity to township residents by ensuring that money paid for services rendered by taxpayers for road surfacing, tree removal and equipment maintenance is maintained.

Williams added he wants to continue to adopt and implement policies and procedures for the best interest of property owners in Union Township.

A township resident for over 30 years, Rittenhouse and his wife, Phyllis, are the proud parents of Lee and Renee.

Since 2009, Rittenhouse has been the owner of The Regency at Berwick, a luxury apartment complex in the city of Urbana. Rittenhouse also owns Lincoln Professional Services, a real estate and building maintenance/restoration company serving industrial, commercial and residential customers since 1993 in a four-county area.

Prior to this, Rittenhouse was a plant supervisor with Ralston Purina Corp. and a production supervisor with the Honeywell/Grimes Corporation.

Rittenhouse currently serves as a member of the Union Township Board of Zoning Appeals and is a founding member of Freedom Grove 911 World Trade Center Memorial Committee. He has an extensive background in community service most recently serving as the 2015 Ohio Flags of Honor Chairman.

Rittenhouse is a member of Mt. Carmel Church, where he serves on the Ministry Team, the Outreach Committee and the Friends Disaster Service.

Rittenhouse said he is running for the township trustee position because he believes the township needs lifestyle protection.

“Like-minded citizens have responded to the need in Union Township for clear, sound judgment that represents all the citizens of the township,” Rittenhouse said. “The board of zoning and the board of zoning appeals have changed drastically in the last appointment cycle. New, educated citizens have come forth to earnestly seek these positions of responsibility.”

Rittenhouse added the township trustee position now involves more work than before.

“The office of township trustee today involves an advanced, visionary team working far beyond ‘the good ‘ol days’ to guarantee equal representation and protection of the citizens,” Rittenhouse said.




By Nick Walton


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