Unless otherwise indicated, results are listed first, second, third, etc.


White or Near White: Susan Dorsey, Elleanor McGuire, Larry Sparks

Yellow or Yellow Blend: Linda Sparks, Larry Sparks

Pink or Pink Blend: Larry Sparks, Linda Sparks, Elleanor McGuire

Red or Red Blend: Elleanor McGuire, Linda Sparks, Larry Sparks

Orange or Orange Blend: Larry Sparks, Elleanor McGuire, Jeanne Zook

Other Color: Susan Dorsey, Larry Sparks, Linda Sparks

Full Blown: Elleanor McGuire, Susan Dorsey, Jeanne Zook

Grandiflora Roses

Sgl Bloom: Larry Sparks, Elleanor McGuire, Linda Sparks

One Stem: Linda Sparks, Larry Sparks, Elleanor McGuire

Floribunda or Polyanthus Roses

One Stem: Linda Sparks, Susan Dorsey, Larry Sparks

Shrub or English Roses

Sgl Bloom: Jeanne Zook, Elleanor McGuire, Susan Dorsey

One Spray: Susan Dorsey, Elleanor McGuire

Knockout Roses

One Spray: Linda Beattie, Gloria Schrand, Elleanor McGuire

Miniature Roses

Sgl Bloom: Gloria Schrand, Larry Sparks, Susan Dorsey

One Spray: Larry Sparks, Gloria Schrand, Elleanor McGuire

Queen of Roses: Susan Dorsey

Ornamental Grasses

Med. Grasses: Gloria Schrand, Susan Dorsey, Larry Sparks


Large Cactus Flowered: Ann Smith, Dean Minnich

Dahlia Flowered: Ted Herndon, Becky Stahler, Ann Smith

Small Flowered: Dean Minnich, Valerie Laughman, Linda Sparks


Large: Larry Sparks, Gloria Schrand, Becky Stahler

Dwarf: Elleanor McGuire, Ann Smith, Gloria Schrand


Single Bloom under 4 inches: Gloria Schrand, Becky Stahler, Linda Sparks

Single Bloom 4-6 inches: Valerie Laughman, David Johnson, Gloria Schrand

Single Bloom over 6 inches: Debbie Minnich, Valerie Laughman, Dean Minnich


Crested: Gloria Schrand, Larry Sparks, Linda Sparks

Plumed: Linda Sparks, Larry Sparks, Gloria Schrand


Miniature: Susan Dorsey, Valerie Laughman, Gloria Schrand

Small: Gloria Schrand, Larry Sparks

Medium: Valerie Laughman, Gloria Schrand, Linda Sparks

Large: Gloria Schrand


Annual: Susan Dorsey, Elleanor McGuire, David Johnson

Perennial: Valerie Laughman, Susan Dorsey, Glenda Bayman


One Stem: Valerie Laughman, Jeanne Zook, David Johnson


One Bloom: Susan Dorsey, Ann Smith, David Johnson and Linda Sparks, both third

One Spike: Elleanor McGuire and Becky Hardman, both first, Susan Dorsey

One Spray: Elleanor McGuire, Gloria Schrand, Linda Sparks


Lillium: Joyce Brown, Susan Dorsey


Large: Larry Sparks, Linda Sparks, David Johnson

Small: David Johnson, Gloria Schrand, Linda Sparks

Miniature: Gloria Schrand


White, Near White, Green: Susan Dorsey, Ted Herndon

Yellow, Orange or Blend: Ted Herndon, Susan Dorsey, Linda Sparks

Pink, Red or Blend: Susan Dorsey, Ted Herndon, Debbie Minnich

Lavender, Purple or Blend: Debbie Minnich, Ted Herndon

Other Color: Ted Herndon, Susan Dorsey

Miniature: Ted Herndon


One Bloom: Linda Beattie, Valerie Laughman, Becky Stahler

Best of Show Cut Specimen: Valerie Laughman

Container Grown Plants

Fairy Garden: Jean Holland, Becky Stahler

Any Flower Plant Not Listed: David Johnson, Susan Dorsey, Ann Smith

Planter: Ann Smith, Linda Sparks, Susan Dorsey

Foliage Plant: Susan Dorsey, Linda Sparks, Becky Stahler

Herbs: Ann Smith, Susan Dorsey

Ferns: Larry Sparks, Linda Sparks, Becky Stahler

Best of Show Container: Ann Smith

Artistic Design

Warm Breezes: Sherrie Boutell, Jane Stimmel, Joyce Brown

White Sandy Beaches: Jim Price, Heather Toops, Jane Stimmel

Tropical Drinks: Ellen Cordell, Heather Toops, Becky Hardman

Palm Trees: Ellen Cordell, Heather Hardman

Tiki Huts: Deborah Graham, Sherrie Boutell, Ellen Cordell

Leis: Deborah Graham, Ellen Cordell, Jane Stimmel

Grass Skirts: Jim Price, Ellen Cordell, Elleanor McGuire

Island Music: Ellen Cordell, Heather Toops, Deborah Graham

Best of Show Artistic Design: Deborah Graham

Jr. Div. Horticulture

Marigold: Abby Downey and Kenny Stahler, first, Shannon Stahler and Sophia Toops, second, Shelby Toops

Coneflower: Shelby Toops and Evan Ziegler, first, Abby Downey and Sophia Toops, second

Best of Show Jr.: Evan Ziegler

Jr. Div. Artistic

Tropical Fish: Abby Downey and Sophia Toops, first, Shelby Toops, second

Toes in the Sand: Abby Downey and Sophia Toops, first, Shelby Toops

Best of Jr. Artistic: Sophia Toops

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