High-speed driver faces new charges


A man who was scheduled to be sentenced in June for a high-speed chase pleaded not guilty to failing to show up at multiple hearings Aug. 14.

Chad M. Rittenhouse, 28, pleaded not guilty to two fourth degree felony charges of failure to appear as required by recognizance during a video arraignment hearing.

Rittenhouse was in a Jan. 20 high-speed chase in Mechanicsburg after he was stopped by a police officer due to an active warrant from Madison County for aggravated trespassing.

During the pursuit, Rittenhouse reportedly drove at speeds of 50 mph in a 20 mph zone close to when school was letting out in the village. He also reportedly passed multiple vehicles at a time, traveled at 90 mph, ran a stop sign and went head-on with on-coming traffic.

Rittenhouse pleaded guilty to one count of failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, a third degree felony, in April. A sentencing hearing was scheduled for June 11.

On May 14, Champaign County Prosecutor Kevin Talebi filed a motion to revoke Rittenhouse’s bond for a number of alleged incidents occurring after he pleaded guilty.

The motion states Rittenhouse failed to appear for an April 28 pre-sentence investigation appointment and was cited for driving under suspension after he was observed driving a vehicle in Mechanicsburg on May 10.

On the following day, Rittenhouse was observed trespassing at a Champaign County deputy’s residence. Rittenhouse reportedly approached a patrol vehicle parked in the deputy’s driveway and posed for a picture next to the sheriff’s emblem on the vehicle and extended his middle finger.

Later in the day, Rittenhouse was observed driving while under suspension and was taken into custody for the trespassing violation.

A hearing on the state’s motion to revoke bond was held on May 21. Rittenhouse failed to appear.

Rittenhouse was arrested on June 22 in Springfield after running from Springfield police. Court documents filed in the Clark County Municipal Court state he was taken in custody after officers deployed a taser on him.

Rittenhouse was ordered to serve 45 days in the Clark County Jail for obstructing official business.

During the Aug. 14 hearing, a motion to modify Rittenhouse’s $100,000 bond was denied. A sentencing hearing in the chase case is scheduled for Aug. 26.


By Nick Walton

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