Market Goat Production Show


Listed in order of finish, 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Market Goat Production

Doe Kids (under 3 months): Mike Westfall

Doe Kids (3 to under 6 months): Mike Westfall, Camryn Welty, Adisyn Welty

Doe Kids (6 to under 9 months): Lane Hollingsworth, Tracy Detwiler, Eli Hollingsworth

Doe Kids (9 to under 12 months): Mike Westfall

Junior Reserve Champion: Lane Hollingsworth

Junior Champion: Mike Westfall

Does (12 to under 16 months): Mike Westfall, Hadden Brinkman, John Buckenroth III

Does (16 to under 20 months): Kathryn Hissong, Kathryn Hissong, Mike Westfall

Does (20 to under 24 months): Doug Metz

Does (24 to under 36 months): Amy Metz, Doug Metz, Camryn Welty

Does (36 months and over): Cindy Westfall, Hadden Brinkman, Jessica Waldron

Senior Reserve Champion: Amy Metz

Senior Champion: Cindy Westfall

Overall Reserve Champion: Mike Westfall

Overall Champion: Cindy Westfall

Production Mother/Daughter Goat: Doug Metz, Brittany Todd, Brady Forsythe

Production Mother/Wether Goat: Jessica Waldron, Doug Metz

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