Heads will bobble at new Cincinnati museum exhibit

CINCINNATI (AP) — Hundreds of bobbleheads will be on display in a new Cincinnati baseball museum exhibit.

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum on Friday officially opens its “Bobbleheads: The Exhibit” that celebrates the collecting phenomenon with bobbing-head items in varied styles and designs.

The exhibit includes more than 500 bobbleheads dating to early novelty versions from the 1960s, and all 90-plus Reds bobbleheads produced since the first fan giveaway of 2001. Bobbleheads from other teams and non-sports bobbleheads are also displayed.

The Reds’ planned 2016 stadium giveaways including a dual bobblehead of National Baseball Hall of Fame-bound Ken Griffey Jr. in both his Seattle Mariners and Reds uniforms.