911 dispatcher has disciplinary hearing in Tamir Rice case

CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland’s police chief has held a disciplinary hearing for the 911 dispatcher who took a call that led to an officer fatally shooting 12-year-old Tamir (tuh-MEER’) Rice, a black boy who was playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center in 2014.

The caller told dispatcher Constance Hollinger that the suspicious person was probably a juvenile with a fake weapon. Hollinger is accused of not relaying that to another dispatcher communicating with responders.

A prosecutor said the responding officers, who are white, believed the gun was real. They weren’t criminally charged but also face potential internal discipline.

The police union president says Hollinger is a good dispatcher who responded according to training and experience.

She could face up to 10 days of unpaid suspension. The chief makes that decision.