Ridership falls on Cincinnati’s new $148M streetcar service

CINCINNATI (AP) — Ridership on Cincinnati’s new $148 million streetcar service is dropping but still topping expectations three months after it opened.

Daily ridership numbers show nearly 50,000 rode streetcars last month, an average of 1,700 riders a day. Both numbers are down from September and October.

The service saw more than 133,000 total riders for an average of more than 4,300 riders a day in September. In October, total riders topped 95,000, an average of nearly 3,100 riders daily.

WVXU radio in Cincinnati reports the system needs about 3,000 riders a day to meet its operating budget.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports ridership overall is 53 percent above expectations.

The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority says streetcar timing has been off, so riders aren’t sure when it’ll arrive.