Ohio AG warns consumers against holiday scams

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Attorney General Mike DeWine is cautioning Ohioans to avoid holiday scams.

DeWine says con artists don’t take a break for the holidays.

He encouraged people to avoid acting on something that “doesn’t seem right” and to contact his consumer protection division with questions or concerns.

Seasonal scams can take various forms:

Job scams could appear to offer work in mystery shopping or package shipping positions that lure consumers into an online “interview” or chat.

Package delivery scams are tied to notices alerting the consumer a non-existent package or prize is ready for pick-up.

Advance-fee loan scammers offer fake online applications that require fee payment up front.

Online shopping scams ask for advance payment for offers they never deliver.

Charity scams involve solicitors misrepresenting a charity with vague or phony claims.