Popping up near you: Ice cream museums, sitcom-themed diners

BOSTON (AP) — Entrepreneurs increasingly are taking the “pop-up” concept in new and unexpected directions.

Last week, New York welcomed the Museum of Ice Cream, a monthlong pop-up featuring a pool filled with confetti-colored sprinkles and other interactive art honoring the frozen treat.

In Chicago, a short-term eatery replicates “The Max,” the fictitious diner from the 1990s-era high school sitcom “Saved by the Bell.”

And in London last month, patrons dined at The Bunyadi, a quick-hit naked restaurant where clothing was optional and cellphones banned.

The National League of Cities says more local governments are embracing pop-ups to revitalize tired commercial centers and promote startups.

Jeremy Baras, a Chicago-based pop-up consultant, says many ventures incorporate emerging digital technology such as virtual reality headsets to create memorable and immersive experiences.